Hazard analysis highlights the frequency and intensity of areas affected by floods, debris flows and landslides. The hazard map and technical report are the products of the analysis.

The guide consists of 4 parts. The main part "Manual Hazard Analysis" allows you to choose between a minimum standard and an advanced standard for the analysis.

Annex 1 – StorMe.pdf Annex 1 – StorMe.xls Annex 2 – Morphological Phenomena Annex 3 – Google Earth Engine Annex 4 – Hydrology-Hydraulic Annex 5 – Roughness Values Annex 6 – Form Technical Report Annex 7 – Form Terms of Reference
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The risk analysis highlights the expected damage to housing, infrastructure and property from flooding, debris flows and landslides. The risk analysis assesses whether the possible damage is acceptable or whether mitigation measures will be necessary.

In addition, the guide allows for the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of mitigation measures by means of a cost-benefit analysis.

Methodological Guide Cost-Benefit Analysis of Measures Annex 1 – Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis.xlsx
The Swiss Red Cross presents two methodological guides for analysing hazards, risks and the cost-effectiveness of mitigation measures. The guides are intended for risk managers in national societies and for commissioned consultants.
The analysis of natural hazards and risks is part of the baseline and endline of a project. The analysis reports on:

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Swiss Red Cross
Author and coordination of the elaboration of the guides
Georg Heim, Swiss Red Cross, georg.heim@redcross.ch, +41 79 721 16 90

Technical and methodological contributions

Christina Aebischer, Swiss Red Cross
Thomas Gass, Swiss Red Cross
Roni Hunziker, Hunziker, Zarn & Partner
Anton Joehr, Swiss Red Cross
Daniel, Kükenbrink, National Institute of Forest, Snow and Ecosystems (WSL), Switzerland
Ruth Lane, Swiss Red Cross
Peter Lehmann, Zurich University of Technology ETH, Switzerland
Simon Mägli, University of Berne, Faculty of Geography, Switzerland
Roberto Méndez, SDC Bolivia
Carlos Montes, Honduran Red Cross
Hugo Rätzo, National Secretariat for the Environment (FOEN), Switzerland
Claudia Röösli, National Point of Contact Remote Sensing, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Simon Scherrer, Scherrer Hydrology, Switzerland
Damian Stoffel, Departmental Office for Civil Works, Canton Berne, Switzerland
Ali Neumann, SDC Switzerland


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